There's a new term becoming more popular in the automotive industry: a crossover. Do you know what it means? Even more importantly, do you know how to distinguish a crossover from an SUV? If you're not sure if you can tell the difference, the Keene Mitsubishi professionals can help. Despite being similar in many ways, crossovers and SUVs come with noticeable differences. Knowing how to identify a crossover and an SUV will help you down the line when shopping for the right Mitsubishi in Keene, NH.

What Is a Crossover? What Does CUV Mean?

Crossovers come with unibody construction - meaning their frame is all in one piece. It's a well-known fact that crossovers use a car platform, which gives them smoother handling and makes them lighter and more fuel-efficient for commuting around the Nashua area. If you ever see compact SUV or small-sized SUV, odds are, it's talking about a crossover. Automakers also use abbreviations when referring to crossovers, such as crossover SUV, CUV (crossover utility vehicle) or SAV (sport activity vehicle).

Find Out How Crossovers Differ from SUVs

Unlike their smaller counterpart, SUVs have a frame that echoes a truck platform. The difference in framework allows SUVs to haul more cargo and engage in more rugged types of driving, such as off-roading. SUVs are usually larger than crossovers, with most being classified as midsize or full-size and offering three rows of seating. Despite higher towing capacities, both body styles come well versed in how to keep passengers safe during trips between Concord, NH, and Amherst, MA.

Improve Your Winter Travels and Select a Mitsubishi Crossover Today

Mitsubishi crossovers excel in safety standards thanks to the brand's RISE body construction, built-in crumple zones, and advanced driver-assist technologies. Several Mitsubishi crossovers also offer Super All-Wheel Control, compared to standard front-wheel drive, which improves traction to assist on snowy or icy road conditions near Manchester, NH. You can find the Mitsubishi CUV that is right for you by choosing one of these four models in our new Mitsubishi inventory:

  1. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
  2. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
  3. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
  4. Mitsubishi Outlander
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