As we get ready for winter, it's always important to remember that we have to adjust our driving habits accordingly. Here at Keene Mitsubishi, we're all too familiar with New England winters and know that the people we serve are as well. In order to keep everyone safe out on the road, we have some winter driving tips we believe everyone should follow to get through the cold, icy and snowy months.

For starters, make sure you have your service all up to date. Don't be putting off oil changes, alignments or any other necessary service or repair you need. Cold weather and the elements can impact this or make it worse, so you'll want all that taken care of. You're also going to want to install some winter tires, which we can do for you as well here in our service center.

We also recommend keeping an emergency kit with a blanket, warm clothing, flashlight, extra food and water, and a glass scraper/snow brush to clear your vehicle and keep you warm in case of a roadside emergency scenario. You should also make sure you're always keeping your gas tank at least halfway full, as tanks that get down the bottom in terms of fuel can freeze in frigid temperatures, causing your vehicle not to start.

Also, drive cautiously, and if you can avoid it in bad weather, stay in because that's the safest thing you can do. Knowing what your vehicle is capable of in winter, and not thinking just because you have all-wheel drive or big snow tires that you can get through anything is also advised. You should always accelerate and decelerate slowly, not stop on hills or try and power up on hills as that can just make you get off balance. For many of us, we've been through it before, and it's just about stay safe and in control.

If you're in need of winter service on your vehicle, contact us here at Keene Mitsubishi and we'd be happy to provide you with our earliest service appointment today!

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